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The World though Evans Traveled Roads

The World though Evans Traveled Roads

Sep 5th 2017

Evan Anderson is a 10-year-old boy who has seen his fair share of rough roads. He suffers from a neurological issue that has caused him to have multiple surgeries on his Achilles tendon, his most recent, a full heel cord release. After these types of surgeries, it is common for the child to wear a custom orthotic leg brace. These orthotic leg braces are extremely difficult to pair with shoes for multiple reasons resulting in generally using a less than fashionable looking shoe, at least in the eyes of a 10-year-old boy. Evans mom, Lina, started the search to find a shoe that would accommodate the brace and be supportive, not to mention be stylish enough to boost the young man's confidence.

Dr. Maguire is working on a new brace system for Evan that incorporates the Vlado Atlas 2.

Lina went into a Journeys Shoe location and came across the Atlas II. After going through this ordeal before and knowing what to expect, she stated that she wa excited to find a shoe that would fit the brace and allow full functionality of the brace. Most important is Evan would not have to wear a shoe without style. Exactly what Evan wanted. Evan is a boy with style and a hugely positive outlook on life in general. To wear something less than his vision, well let's just say, “It ain’t happening”   


As soon as Evans cast was removed from the surgery and the brace on, Lina and Evan headed back to Journeys to have the Atlas II fitted with his brace on. The Atlas II fit almost as if it was made for an orthotic leg brace. Needless to say, Evan was very excited. Lina was so excited that she found the Atlas II and that Evan was very happy with his stylish new shoes that she reached out to us here at Vlado Footwear. She explained to us just how happy she was that she found a shoe that not only works with Evans brace but gave him the confidence that he so deserved.

Now we fast forward to present day. Evan has gone onto tell other children with his similar condition about the brand. This promoted Vlado Footwear to make Evan an official ambassador. Evan proudly shows off his stylish kicks, (his words..) Everyone at Valdo Footwear, with open arms, welcomes Evan to the ambassador ranks and a very speedy recovery. After all, Evan needs to stay busy promoting the brand. :)